Fall Institute 2019

Workforce Behind the Workforce

The Iowa Early Learning Fall Institute brings together early childhood professionals from across the state for a unique professional development opportunity. We invite you to join us as we network, share, and learn together.
Educators that work in early childhood are the “Workforce Behind the Workforce” making it possible for parents to work. Having ample quality care and education enables workers to work, stay at work, and to be more productive employees.

Early childhood educators are also creating the workforce of tomorrow. Quality learning opportunities for our youngest children have a long lasting impact. Children grow and learn best in a safe environment where they are protected, and nurtured with plenty of opportunities to play and explore.

Early childhood educators support the workforce of today AND they create the workforce of tomorrow.


Friday Keynote

Jason Kotecki

Curing Adultitis: Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success
Adultitis is an epidemic that is coming hard after us every single day. It can infiltrate even the best working environments,  producing stress and instigating burnout. Left unchecked, Adultitis will eat your productivity, teamwork, and morale alive. Surrender need not be an option, however. In this lighthearted but hard-hitting program, Jason will arm your people with the fresh perspective they need to reclaim their passion and create a better harmony between work and home. He provides witty observations, humorous anecdotes, and real-world techniques that will entertain and inspire the audience to live a richer, more balanced life. They’ll learn easy, practical tips for bringing more fun and less stress to the job at hand, contributing to a work environment that’s more enjoyable and engaging for themselves AND those they serve. Adultitis may be a formidable foe, but Jason can help you annihilate it.


Saturday Keynote

Dr. Jane Humphries and Kari Rains

A Fighting Chance: Change Over Time and Care for Oneself
Children today are living and learning to function in many societal circumstances, some more complicated than others. Due to this, the ‘baggage’ these children carry typically is dumped in the middle of the early childhood classroom. Early childhood providers can either reel from this changing landscape of society and ignore the impacts on young children and their families or continue to seek out information, resources and activities that support their classrooms—and their own mental health. It is our belief and experience that early childhood professionals largely impact the trajectory of these children’s lives but they, too, must take care of themselves. It is the purpose of this presentation to assist participants with skills and supports that strengthen not only themselves but the relationships that they have when working with the young children and their families as they care for them each day.