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Careers and Pathways

Early care, health, and education professionals are required to complete training and/or formal education to work with young children.  Continuous professional development and support are also necessary to develop and to provide quality early childhood experiences.  As partners, Iowa AEYC and Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) Professional Development Leadership Teams, continue to define career pathways, competencies, and certification processes. 

Why is a career pathway important?  The pathway creates a career plan (not just a job).  A career pathway groups similar occupations and assists individuals in the workforce to prepare for the future, regardless of current or desired level of training or education.  Each occupation requires different levels of training, education, and continuous professional development.  Using a career pathway, every early childhood professional can plan the personal sequence of training and qualifications, and can understand professional responsibilities for each specific job.

Are you currently a child care provider?  Whether you are in a registered home setting or in a licensed center, you want to improve your knowledge and skills.  Face-to-face training, online training, and college credit options are available.  And you may qualify for scholarships.  As you particpate in ongoing professional development, you will gain skills that lead to higher quality services for children and their families. 

However, as you balance work and family schedules, the only time often available to explore training and education options is late at night or over the weekend.  Who is available to answer questions during those hours?  Click here to explore the early care and education teacher role website to consider the variety of options for your future.  Questions?  Contact us at info@iowaaeyc.org.