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Below are resources NAEYC or Iowa AEYC have developed to assist you in your role as a chapter leader. Please feel free to contact Pat Dautremont, patd@iowaaeyc.org, with any suggestions or recommendations for additional materials.

Iowa AEYC Chapter Leadership 2021-2022 Association Year

Quick Links:
Chapter Records
(Annual Reports, Record Retention Policy)
Iowa AEYC Training Approval Policy
(Professional Development Training Policy, Training Request Forms for i-PoWeR)
Chapter Policies and Procedures
(Chapter Policies and Procedures, Audio/Photography/Video Release Form)
(Branding, Event Planning, Membership, Week of the Young Child)
Chapter Policies and Procedures
(Chapter Policies and Procedures, Audio/Photography/Video Release Form)

(These are Word files so will open as file links on the bottom left corner of your screen.)
Part A, due June 1, 2022 Part A asks about information that has happened in the past year and is due June 1, 2022, giving us time to submit our Affiliate Annual Report to NAEYC.
Part B, due June 30, 2022 Part B asks for the chapter's financial information and is due June 30, giving us time to submit to our auditors.

Part C, due July 29, 2022 Part C asks for information on the chapter leadership and plans for the upcoming year (October - September), giving us time to order recognition awards to chapter representatives who are leaving the Iowa AEYC Governing Board and have been active members of the board for a minimum of three years.
Please submit all three parts on a timely manner.
Chapters are required by law to retain certain records for certain periods of time. Click here to see Iowa AEYC's Record Retention Policy. If you have additional questions feel free to contact Iowa AEYC.
As an affiliate of NAEYC, Iowa AEYC has a history of supporting evidence-based, developmentally
appropriate practices through our efforts, both in professional development offerings and in our communications and advocacy work. Iowa AEYC is an approved training organization in Iowa legislation and per the Iowa Department of Human Services, which require state-wide policies to offer training.
In 2022, our state Governing Board approved updated policies for awarding DHS accredited training certificates. Any conference, workshop, training, or chapter meeting providing an Iowa AEYC training certificate must follow policy. This policy includes that all adult educators or instructors must go through the approval process prior to any training requests to be offered by Iowa AEYC. For more information, please refer to the following:
Adult Educator/Instructor Application & Agreement.
PD Policy Rubric
Adult Educator/Instructor Application Process

Requesting Trainings in the DHS Training Registry (Instructions)
Create New Training
Schedule Training Class
All requests must be emailed to Jamie Schmidt at jamies@iowaaeyc.org. Note that these forms are fillable PDF's and needs to be saved as a new file before attaching to an email.
Below are NAEYC's branding guidelines. Chapters need to follow the same guidelines as the affiliates. If you need your Chapter logo please contact Pat, patd@iowaaeyc.org, and she will send it to you.
  1. Title Page
  2. Your Affiliate Logo
  3. Logo Usage Guide
  4. Using Your Logo: Dos and Don'ts
  5. Placing Your Logo
  6. NAEYC Badge
  7. Creating Chapter Logos
  8. Brand Colors
  9. Brand Fonts
  10. Images
Membership Application Form
Top Five Reasons to Become a Member!
Energize your career with NAEYC
Sample Chapter Membership Scholarship Form
Chapter Calendar of Regular Events Form This form is for chapters to complete and send in to Iowa AEYC so the office has a comprehensive list of regular/ongoing events that happen throughout Iowa AEYC. This form is a Word document and will probably download to your lower left-hand corner.
Event Planning Guide This form is a compilation of several forms including one created by the East Central Chapter of Iowa AEYC and ones from Iowa AEYC staff. Feel free to use and revise as you feel necessary. Feel free to send any suggested changes to patd@iowaaeyc.org. This form is a Word document and will probably download to your lower left-hand corner.
Chapter Trainings Marketing Table This form is a Word document and will probably download to your lower left hand corner instead of appearing as another tab. After you complete it, please save and send as an attachment to patd@iowaaeyc.org.
Eventbrite Needs Form If you would like Iowa AEYC to setup an Eventbrite registration page for you please complete this form and submit to anne@iowaaeyc.org at least 60 days prior to your event. This form is a Word document and will probably download to your lower left-hand corner.
Training Certificate Spreadsheet Feel free to use and revise as you feel necessary.
See above for Iowa AEYC's official Training Approval Policy and Registry Submission Form.
At the October 27, 2018 Governing Board Meeting an updated version of Iowa AEYC's Chapter Policies and Procedures was approved. Hopefully this document will answer many of your questions.
Chapter Policies and Procedures
You are required to have written permission from each person in the video and/or photos, and if a child, written permission from the child's parent or legal guardian, to post the video and/or photos and use the likeness of such person therein. By sharing with Iowa AEYC the video and/or photos, you grant Iowa AEYC the right to use the video and/or photo and/or any portion thereof in any manner it so chooses, including, without limitation, posting or sharing the video on Iowa AEYC's website, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Click here for an Audio/Photography/Video Release Form.