Grants and Scholarships

Iowa AEYC has grant and scholarship opportunities for members and others in the Iowa early care and education workforce.  If you are interested in a T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Iowa Scholarship, go to the T.E.A.C.H. page for more information.

Tony Lacy Iowa AEYC Membership Scholarship

If you are not a current member of Iowa AEYC you might want to consider applying for the Tony Lacy Iowa AEYC Membership Scholarship.  This scholarship is for a one year membership for individuals in NAEYC/Iowa AEYC.

Leadership Fellowships

The Iowa AEYC Leadership Fellowship will enable the successful participants to develop their leadership skills through attendance at state or national professional development opportunities, and in turn they will be expected to provide leadership to the early childhood field in our state. Click here for the scoring rubric.

Terri Lynne Lokoff Award

The Terri Lynne Lokoff Child Care Foundation (TLLCCF), recognizing the need to raise the status of child care teachers and to celebrate quality early care programs, created the Terri Lynne Lokoff/Children's TYLENOL® National Child Care Teacher Award. Applicants for this award are asked to design a classroom enhancement project for the children they teach illustrating the educational, social, and emotional benefits of the project. Award recipients receive $1,000: $500 for the teacher's personal use and $500 to implement the project. Fifty teachers are selected for their commitment and dedication to the children they serve. Of the top ten recipients, one is selected to receive the Helene Marks Award and is named the National Child Care Teacher of the Year. There have been several winners from Iowa in the past years, so it is worth your while to apply! You can download the award application here.


Iowa AEYC will grant a Children's Champion award to a person who has made significant contributions on the state level to improving the quality of care and education of young children.  The person can be any professional, legislator, volunteer, or anyone currently living or working in the state, who has demonstrated an outstanding service or achievement to benefit Iowa's young children.  Children's Champion nomination form.

Iowa AEYC will grant a Friend of Young Children award to an Iowa AEYC member who has made a significant contribution to improving the quality of care and education of young children. Friend of Young Children nomination form.

Iowa AEYC will grant a Teacher (Provider) of the Year award an Iowa AEYC member who has made a significant contribution to improving the quality of care and education of young children in his/her role as a teacher, teaching assistant, or child development home provider, working directly with young children, ages birth to age 8. Teacher of the Year nomination form.
2015 Iowa AEYC Award, Grant and Scholarship Recipients
2015 Tony Lacy Scholarship Scholarship

Sherry Barbadillo, Fort Dodge Chapter
Laurie Benner, Iowa City Chapter
Sheyanne Clemens, Dubuque Chapter
Imelda Collins, Cedar Rapids Chapter
Taneki Davis, Rolling Prairie Chapter
Brenda Funke, Mid-Iowa Chapter
Tamara Good, Black Hawk Chapter
Lindsey Henderson, Southwest Chapter
Karrie Ingram, Rolling Prairie Chapter
Audra Johnson,West Central Chapter
Angie Kirk, Mid-Iowa Chapter
Jenny Moon-Rice, Green Valley Chapter
Vicky Palm, Dubuque Chapter
Mendy Ritzman, Green Valley Chapter
Makenna Robinson, Southwest Chapter
Julie Todd, Rolling Prairie Chapter
Pamela Jo Weathers, Rolling Prairie Chapter
Laurie Wyatt, Iowa City Chapter
Jaymie Zarra, Dubuque Chapter


2014 Iowa AEYC Award, Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Tony Lacy Membership Scholarship

Casey Alexander, Dubuque
Allyn Arguello, Quad Cities
Catherine Bergman, Fort Dodge
Linda Birchard, Green Valley
Rachel Bousselot, Quad Cities
Linda Coan, Black Hawk
Angela Conway, Siouxland
Brenda Cook, Green Valley
Traci Ehlert, Cedar Rapids
Margaret Fuller, Cedar Rapids
Julie Jensen, Iowa City
Sheri Jensen, North Iowa
Rhonda Kramer, Dubuque
Marlee Kramer, Dubuque
Andrea Murphy, Iowa City
Marianne Rodriques, Mid Iowa
Kathryn Schaeffer, Mid Iowa
Kalean Tanksley, Rolling Prairie
Alondra Turner, Cedar Rapids

Children’s Champion Award
Senator Janet Peterson

Friend of Young Children Award
Patricia Emerson
Leadership Fellowship
Heidi LaBounty
Vickie Parker
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