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Erikson Institute's IECMH Certificate Flyer (2021.05.19)

Erikson Institute's IECMH Scholarship Flyer (2021.05.19)

We Stand in Sorrow and Solidarity with Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities (2021.03.24)

Music Notes: Music Development Outside of Using Words, by H. Wllie Wolfe, Assisnt Professor of Music Education, Drake University; Early Childhood Chair, Iowa Music Educators Association; Secretary, Early Childhood Music & Movement Association (2021.03.10) 

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP): What's the Definition? And How Do I Use DAP?, by Rick Roghair, Iowa AEYC Professional Development Manager (2021.03.03)

Core Considerations in Developmentally Appropriate Practice, NAEYC (2021.03.03)

Infographic DAP: 10 Teaching Strategies, NAEYC (2021.03.03)

Infographic DAP: 5 Guidelines, NAEYC (2021.03.03)

The Project Approach for Early Childhood Classrooms, (2020.10.28)

Developmentally Appropriate Practice Position Statement, NAEYC 2009 (2020.06.24)

Iowa AEYC's Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Black Lives Matter White Paper (2020.06.10)