Iowa’s Vision for Young Children                

Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.

The Iowa Early Learning Standards are for everyone who loves, cares for, and educates young children.  The standards are a resource to support and enhance children’s learning and development, and to inform policy and decision makers.  The standards are a tool to help share information among families, caregivers, child care professionals, family support professionals, health care professionals, teachers, and others who care for and work with children.

The Iowa Early Standards were first developed in 2006.  As years pass and times change, high quality documents require a review to identify necessary updates incorporating new information and research. The 2012 revision was formally adopted by Early Childhood Iowa in January 2013.

A team of 60 persons representing caregivers, programs, agencies, and others, began an update of the 2012 Standards in November 2016 to reflect most recent research and practice. The proposed date of dissemination, following review by others throughout the state and nation, is late spring 2018.

The Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd Edition coming soon!
IELS 3rd Edition Cover
IELS Table of Contents, Introductory Letter, and Committees
IELS Introduction, Essential Considerations
IELS Index, Rationale, and Standards
IELS Alignment 
IELS References
IELS 3rd Edition Summary
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IELS Poster Preschool 3rd Edition 11_17