It’s For the Kids: Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd edition

Do you know about the Iowa Early Learning Standards?  

Do you use the Iowa Early Learning Standards?

What are the Iowa Early Learning Standards (IELS)?

  1. The IELS are a tool to share information between families, child care providers, schools, family support professionals, health professionals, and others.
  2. The IELS are a resource to support every child’s learning and development.
  3. The IELS are a guide for everyone who cares for, educates, or works with young children.
  4. The IELS are a support to create activities and lessons, to build healthy relationships, and to provide experiences to nurture the best development of a young child

Why are the Iowa Early Learning Standards (IELS) important?

The IELS can assist every adult to understand that child development is critical to the success of every child

What are the Iowa Early Learning Standards (IELS) Eight Areas of Development?

The IELS eight areas of development connect with each other to integrate the development of each child. Each area provides the developmental foundation to address the needs and capabilities of infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children:


Area 1: Social and Emotional Development

Area 2: Physical Well-Being and Motor Development

Area 3: Approaches to Learning

Area 4: Social Studies

Area 5: Creative Arts

Area 6: Communication, Language, and Literacy

Area 7: Mathematics

Area 8: Science

Within each area, the standard, rationale why the standard is important, benchmarks for the standard, examples of benchmarks, and adult supports for the child are identified for infants and toddlers (infants 0 -18 months and toddlers 18 months-3 years) and for preschool-age (3 -5 years) children.

As we use the Iowa Early Learning Standards, every adult in Iowa intentionally supports the lifetime success of each child. Access the Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd edition in English or Español.

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