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The Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children (Iowa AEYC) is a state affiliate of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Our Iowa state affiliate is comprised of 14 chapters that cover the entire state of Iowa. A chapter structure enables all of our members to network and learn with other early childhood educators living in their same or neighboring communities and opportunities to get involved in the issues affecting the state and the counties. Local chapters focus on serving members in the local communities where early childhood professionals live, work, and learn.

Chapter participation is open to all members and is not limited to geography or professional background, members may participate in as many chapters as they wish.

Local Chapters of Iowa AEYC

1. Siouxland 8. Southwest
2. Western Plains 9. Mid-Iowa
3. North Central 10. Green Valley
4. North Iowa 11. East Central
5. Prairie Rivers 12. Rolling Prairie
6. Northeast 13. Mississippi Rock
7. West Central 14. Southeast


Materials for Chapter Leadership:
Membership Application Form
Membership Brochure
Member Benefits
Chapter Map


Chapter Fiscal Year End Report Form
Every July our auditors require us to submit to them a Chapter Fiscal End of Year Report for each  chapter. This year they are due no later than end of business July 6, 2018. The report is submitted to Iowa AEYC by the Chapter Representative and need to be completed with the assistance of at a minimum the Chapter President and treasurer.

Chapter Leadership Update Form

Record Retention Policy


Iowa AEYC Training Approval Policy

As an affiliate of NAEYC, Iowa AEYC has a history of supporting evidence-based, developmentally appropriate practices through our efforts, both in professional development offerings and in our communications and advocacy work. Iowa AEYC is an approved training organization in Iowa legislation and per the Iowa Department of Human Services, which require state-wide policies to offer training.

In 2009, our state Governing Board approved policies for chapters to use trainers and policies for awarding training certificates. Any conference, workshop, training, or chapter meeting providing an Iowa AEYC training certificate must follow policy. This policy includes Iowa AEYC chapter co-sponsored professional development with another organization if Iowa AEYC provides the certificate or is listed on the certificate as co-sponsor. For a new training not listed on the Iowa Training Registry, complete the submission form.

Professional Development Training Policy

Training Registry Submission Form
The form is a fillable PDF and needs to be saved as a new file before attaching or the information will not be saved.