Title of Contents

A. About Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children (Iowa AEYC)

1. Agency Annual Report

2. Bylaws

3. Chapter Map

4. Vision and Mission Statements, Values, and Goals

5. Public Policy Priorities

B. Agency Documents

1. Audit

a. Governance Letter
b. Audits

2. Legal

a. 501c3
b. Articles of Incorporation
c. Group Exemption Letter
d. Liability Insurance
e. 990 Tax Forms

3. Policies and Procedures

a. Accounting & Financial Policies & Procedures Manual
b. Human Resources Policies & Procedures Manual
c. Chapter Policies & Procedures

4. Job Descriptions

a. Administrative Specialist
b. Controller
c. ECQuIP Consultant
d. ECQuIP Literacy Consultant
e. ECQuIP Mental Health Consultant
f. ECQuIP Project Manager
g. Events Specialist
h. Executive Director
i. Farm to Early Care and Education Program Specialist
j. Membership Specialist
k. Professional Development Manager
l. T.E.A.C.H. Counseling Specialist
m. T.E.A.C.H. Program Manager
n. WAGE$ Counseling Specialist
o. WAGE$ Program Manager

C. Board Member Information

1. Board List

2. Forms

a. Governing Board Report Form
b. Official Request of Action Form
c. Expense Report Form
d. Chapter Fiscal Year End Report Form
e. Volunteer Interest Form
f. Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Statements and Disclosure Form
g. Tony Lacy Membership Scholarship Application (2018)
h. Children's Champion Award Application (2018)
i. Friend of Young Children Award Application (2018)
j. Educator of the Year Award Application (2018)

3. Job Descriptions

a. President
b. President-Elect/Past President
c. Treasurer
d. Vice President
e. Secretary
f. Chapter Representative
g. Family Engagement Chair
h. Membership Recruitment and Support Chair
i. Play Coach
j. Play Committee Chair
k. Public Policy Chair
l. HPIO Chair
m. Early Childhood Workforce Committee Chair

4. Committee Descriptions

a. Audit Committee
b. Early Childhood Workforce Advisory Committee
c. Finance Committee
d. Institute Committee
e. Leadership Development Committee
f. Membership Committee
g. Play Leadership Committee
h. Public Relations Committee

D. Board Meeting Information

1. Statement of Committment as a High Performing Inclusive Organization

2. Strategic Plan

a. Why Do We Have a Strategic Plan
b. Iowa AEYC Strategic Plan 2022

E. Resources

1. Parliamentary Procedures at a Glance

2. Election Guide - Do's and Don'ts

3. Ethical Conduct - NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment

4. Iowa Principles and Practices of Charitable Nonprofit Excellence

5. Resources

a. ABC's of Early Childhood in Iowa - Early Childhood Acronyms
c. T.E.A.C.H. flyer
d. T.E.A.CH. Annual Reports
e. WAGE$ Annual Reports