Take Action!

Public policy is influenced daily by people like you. Here are a few ways you can take action to advocate for early childhood care and the early childhood profession!

With your help we can send a strong message to Iowa lawmakers TODAY, so they know they must prioritize child care during the 2021 legislative session. Click HERE to help make child care a priority!



Find your Legislator: The first step in getting involved is being knowledgeable about who represents you. Use this site to find your state senators and representatives.

Contact your elected officials: Calling or sending an email is a great way to get in touch with your elected officials. This is an easy way to express your thoughts and concerns regarding various issues at the state and federal level. Be sure to address the problem, and outline possible solution

Click HERE to build your advocacy skills!

Be Voter Ready! Candidates often take a stance on issues in early childhood, and voting for those candidates will help early childhood issues be addressed.

Track bills with the Early Care and Education Bill Tracking Database.

Learn about the Iowa Legislative Process.

Share your Story: Your stories power our advocacy efforts and provide the why behind this work. Take a moment to connect and and share your story with us.

Join Iowa AEYC: Being a part of Iowa AEYC means you support and advocate for the early childhood profession along with the organization. You will also have access to information about public policy and advocacy events specifically in Iowa.